• 1. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry. Excellent for sleeping on airplane, car, bus and train etc., we got customers using it at home or office for watching TV, reading, studying, and napping.
    • 2. Ergonomic dual humps design, soft and cozy, relieve fatigue.
    • 3. U-shaped design, provides 360 degree supporting for the neck. Inflatable inner tube, inflating volume can be adjusted according to your needs.
    • 4. Porous and breathable fabric, keep dry and fast sweat evaporate, prevent the growth of bacteria.
    • 5. Embedded valve design, prevent air leak, comfortable to sleep


Item specifics:

  • 1. Color: Deep Blue
  • 2. Material:
  • Pillowcase: velvet fabric 
  • Inner tube: PVC
  • 3. Dimension: 31 x 31x 14cm/12.2x 12.2 x 5.5in (L x W x H)
  • 4. Shape: U-shaped

 Packing List:

  • Inflatable Neck PillowX 1
  • Anti-noise ear plug X 2
  • Seamless eye mask X 1
  • Adjustable carrying pouch X 1

How to inflate/vent the pillow?

  • 1. Blow in from the little black valve. Usually 90%-98% might make you more comfortable.
  • 2. Only need to remove the lid of the big valve and press the pillow, you can easily vent the pillow within a few seconds.

Scientific Note:

  • When you use this pillow while traveling by airplane, kindly keep the pillow pressure below the maximum capacity. 

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