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Original Xiaomi iHealth2 4.3-inch Display Blood Pressure Dock Monitoring System

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Original Xiaomi iHealth2 4.3-inch Display Blood Pressure Dock Monitoring System

Main Features:

Easy to use and vivid to observe

4.3-inch screen
WIFI connection
Interactive Wth Wechat
Voice Broadcast Measurement Results

Product Name:Electronic sphygmomanometer (Intelligent upper-arm blood pressure monitor)
Model:Electronic sphygmomanometer, a portable host and cuff composed
Structure:DC 5V
Machine size:119mm * 118mm * 51mm
screen size:4.3 inches TFT display
Cuff range:22cm-30cm, 30cm-42cm
Weight:About 350g ( excluding cuff )
Wireless Communication:Supports IEEE 802.11b / g / n
Range:Sphygmomanometer range is 0kPa ~ 40kPa (0mmHg ~ 300mmHg)
Resolution:Display resolution is 0.133kPa (1mmHg)
Pressure sensor accuracy:Range in any measurement point , the maximum error of cuff pressure measurement is ± 0.4kPa (± 3mmHg)
Pulse rate measurement range:40 times / min ~ 180 times / min
Pulse rate indication error:± 5%, when Pulse rate values>60 (including 60);± 3 beats/min, when Pulse rate value<60 (including 60)
working environment:temperature 5℃- 40℃
Relative humidity less than 80%
Atmospheric pressure:80kPa- 105kPa
Compatiable :Redmi/ Redmi 1S/ Redmi Note// Redmi Note 4G

Measuring results can be displayed through the 4.3 Inch screen,

Can automatically compare and previous data,The test results can automatically broadcast at the same time,Each measurement result can be shown on the micro-letter on the first time,Children's can keep track of health information of parents convenient.

More intimate functions

Track changes in your blood pressure, Comparison of blood pressure records,Warning of outdoor temperature change,Even more the parents can see their pulse fluctuations and heart rate in real time, pressure process becomes interesting,The whole process of measuring blood pressure just by a one button, and it can analyzes the measurement results automatically,its very Simple and practical.

Measuring results can be uploaded to the cloud synchronization

The iheath2 can store 2000 test results, automatically sync to the cloud when WIFI connection, is very convenient to view the results using a mobile phone,The iheath2 Can provided Blood pressure analysis report,like weekly report,monthly report, Blood pressure health trend analysis.

Testing standard of this device is in line with the mainstream world sphygmomanometer precise evaluation criteria ESH2010 standards, and adopts the U.S. AAMI SP-10 standard ( sphygmomanometer safety and performance standards ) and the European EN1060-4 standards. Measurement accuracy is rating excellent by "Consumer Reports", American authoritative evaluation magazine.

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